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Success Stories: Leeds Metropolitan University and the Yorkshire & Humber Region

Watch the exclusive interview with Professor Ieuan Ellis, Dean Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University on enhancing student learning via improved placement experience and implementing InPlace on the 5 Universities and 2000 Health Service Providers in the Yorkshire and Humber Region, UK.

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Student Work Experience Placement Software

Online web based application for universities and colleges. Accessible by staff, academics, students and employers. Manages work placements for every faculty and discipline in the one system, from the most complex clinical / medical placements to simple work experience assignments...


Productive and Efficient

InPlace has many automated functions, linking students to employers in a forum controlled by the educational body, in a system designed to maximise efficiency and coordination. Instantly contact students, employers, university staff through emails, SMS, on-line broadcast using a system that responds when you click the button...


Integrated Source Data

Direct communication to Student Records, Finance, email, university network delivers accurate reporting and error free processes. One place for a full student placement history, one source for all contacts with an employer – get the full picture of your business and partner relationships. Sophisticated reporting tools helps you see exactly what is going on with Work Integrated Learning...


When Performance Counts…

When it’s important, when you are dealing with large volumes, when you need response times that you would expect from a serious production system, you need a system that has been designed from the start to manage placements for a whole university...



System users and academics involved in the Workplace Learning Program describe the system as ‘fabulous’
David Formica, University of Canberra, Head of Information and Technology Management


I found the Quantum IT team to be highly professional, extremely customer service focused and an absolute pleasure to deal with.
Frank Shannon, Manager, Enterprise Applications La Trobe University


The automated allocation tool alone will save us hundreds of hours every year whilst helping get an optimum match between students and placements.
Joanne Cameron, Faculty of Health Sciences, National Clinical Co-Ordinator, ACU.


Never Miss a Thing

The Home Screen displays key indicators requiring attention, outstanding issues and reports. 
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Customise Your Placement Model

Designed as a generic placement management system, InPlace works for all disciplines anywhere in the world.
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Integration Means Accuracy

Tightly integrated with student records system, finance system, timetabling system, email, SMS and Fax servers.
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Rules Based Allocation

User designed rules and rulesets support a highly automated process to assign students to placements.
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Create Your Own Fields

Create your own fields to capture information specifically for your own placement process needs.
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Manage Placement Requests

Integrated request process allows you to manage employer details, send correspondence and track responses.
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Extensive and Flexible Reporting

Full suite of predefined reports or create and design your own customisable reports using our query tool.
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Student Self Selection

Broadcast targeted placements to students for review and nomination or let them organise their own.
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Survey and Assessment Tool

Student’s opinions of placements, supervisor assessment reports, InSight provides the complete answer.
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